Robbie Bone
Just had a conversation with my father. Here is a summary.

1. He believes gay people are like ‘dinosaurs’ because we will one day genetically screen gay children from being born. Dismissed my argument that we could also cure ageing by that time and therefore gay men would live forever and therefore not become extinct. 

2. He believes straight relationships are of better quality than gay relationships because of better ‘emotional attachments’. This is coming from a man who has had two divorces, one of which cost him over £100,000. Let’s not confuse expense with quality, shall we. 

3. He believes children shouldn’t be brought up by two fathers because it’s unfair on the child not to experience the female gender. After informing him that the child would probably have two grandmothers and numerous female friends of the fathers, he shrugged it off as not good enough somehow. Oh and um… what about single fathers?!

4. He said ‘why would you want to be with a creepy man’. I asked him to elaborate and he said 99 percent of gay men are creepy and effeminate like graham norton and alan car, and that graham norton is a ‘creepy vile man’. He dismissed my point that the media actively seeks these types of gay men because they’re more entertaining, and that ‘practically all gay men are like them’. 

5. He thinks being straight is better because of ‘evolution’, and that we ‘evolved to have children’, and therefore our purpose is to be straight… (?!) After explaining that evolution, although a fact, has no logical reason to bear on our morals, I also remarked that even if I was straight I wouldn’t form a relationship with a woman on the basis of it fulfilling some random natural process, but rather to fulfil an emotional or physical need. What he was suggesting was akin to basing your sexuality on something like earth’s past climate. Idiot.

6. After I proclaimed that given the choice, I would actually prefer to be homosexual (for reasons some of which I would not wish to divulge with a family member), he said that I am bigoted. Yes of course, I am obviously the bigoted one here! How blind of me. 

My father is an atheist like myself so these views are not stemmed from some torturous religious upbringing, which actually makes him even more of a twat because he doesn’t have ‘indoctrination’ as an excuse for his ridiculously Nazi-esq views.

Richard Dawkins happens to be one of his intellectual role models. Whenever I show him a Dawkins clip on youtube he practically agrees with everything Richard says. This is because my father shares a similar secular and scientific view of the universe as Richard Dawkins and myself. However, when I explained to him that Richard would probably not only disagree with my father’s above statements, but actually be quite disgusted by them, I also remarked on Richard’s proactive support for homosexual rights. He then replied ‘What? Don’t be ridiculous. Richard isn’t gay! He’s straight.’

The frown on my forehead had now become so profound I could have easily been mistaken for a klingon. Yes, my father then further clarified that he thinks you have to be gay in order to support homosexual rights. If we were still in the 50’s in regards to racism, would he refuse to stand up for black people on the grounds you have to be black to support racial equality? I daren’t have asked at this point, as he continued to babble on about how he doesn’t believe Richard would have such views on homosexuality.

Guess where @chrisraehm, @janekeskin and I will be in two weeks time! I just hope they’re connected to the floo network for easy transport… #TheMakingOfHarryPotter

Guess where @chrisraehm, @janekeskin and I will be in two weeks time! I just hope they’re connected to the floo network for easy transport… #TheMakingOfHarryPotter

If we are to become like gods, why in the future would we need a monetary system?
Robbie Bone
It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing.
Steve Jobs
I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.
Wayne Gretzky